How can sleep affect your health?

How can sleep affect your health?

A good sleep is as good as good food and exercising for the development and growth of your child. It is the main source of power and it helps you to be alert and calm. These are used especially by young children at their developing stage. Lack of sleep can also make you bad tempered and can also affect the mental health of people.

•    Build concentration

Children can become very cranky when they don’t have enough sleep. They can then feel irritated at school as well as at home. A good sleep can keep you high at energy and help them to concentrate in their studies. 

•    Stronger immunity
Lack of sleep means a weaker immunity in kids. Due to lack of sleep they can even fall sick and may also catch cold. By missing eight hours of sleep you increase the chances of falling sick about three times. 

•    Sharper mind
According to the researchers, is a child gets enough sleep he can use three to four areas of brain and also helps in completion of any task. Lack of sleep makes coordination between the brain very inefficient. If a child sleeps less than seven hours they can impact the ability of a child to concentrate. 

•    Stay healthy

The researchers at the Harvard Medical School found that the people who spent less than  12 hours of sleep are overweight compared to their age. Lack of sleep makes you gain weight and make them vulnerable to put on weight.