The Best List Of Fruits For Diabetic Patients

The Best List Of Fruits For Diabetic Patients

Fructose present in some of the common fruits can be bad news for diabetic patients. Most people with Type 2 diabetes are advised to avoid bananas, mangoes and other fruits that are high on fructose, but should you quit fruits completely? No! Check these amazing fruits that most people with escalated sugar levels can have. 

The love for berries
Everyone loves berries, and they have very limited impact on blood sugar levels. Packed with antioxidants and fibers, berries of all kinds are considered to be safe for people with diabetes. Choices that you can have include blueberries, cranberries and raspberries. 

Amazing Kiwi
This fruit is amazingly good for the body and contains a great amount of vitamin C and fiber. What makes it great for diabetic people is the low amount of carbohydrates, and doctors agree that having one kiwi a day is actually good for the body. 

Apple of the eye! 
Apples are great sources for fiber and antioxidants, provided you are not peeling off the skin. If not a full apple every day, which may contain a few extra calories, you can choose to have a couple of slices mixed with berries and even a slice of watermelon. 

Great Melons
Melons mostly have water as their main content, but at the same time, you will get your daily needs of Vitamin C and Vitamin C from two slices of watermelon or muskmelon. Watermelons can also be used for making instant smoothies that are considered to be equally great for the body. 
Start including fruits, because being diabetic is no excuse!