ALS Society’s Ice Bucket Challenge

ALS Society’s Ice Bucket Challenge

ALS is a crippling disease and affects hundreds of thousands of people around the globe. Even worse, it has no cure yet. However, it hasn't stopped people from finding ways to speed up the research process in hopes of finding a cure.

Case in point: the Ice Bucket Challenge that went viral back in 2014.

Celebrities like Mark Zuckerberg and Robert Downey Jr. participated in the viral social challenge. Although it was criticized by many, it was not without results.

Because of the money hauled in from all the people who donated to the society's fight against ALS, researchers recently discovered of a variant of a gene called NEK1 that's said to be linked to as many as 3 percent of all ALS cases. The discovery leads the way to the development of a new drug that could give ALS sufferers a better chance of fighting the disease. To date, research is being conducted to gain a better understanding how the gene works and the role it plays in ALS.

Anthony Senerchia Jr. was one of the main proponents of the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. He had been suffering from ALS for years when he decided to do the video that has since gone on to change the lives of many. He has since succumbed to ALS after 14 years of trying to win an uphill battle against it. He died at the age of 46.

At the start, the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge was not specifically for ALS. Chris Kennedy, a cousin of Jeanette Senerchia, chose ALS because of how Anthony had battled against the disease for years. From there, the challenge took off, sweeping the globe, and gaining both supporters and critics alike.